ALSIP 2014 Program (13 May 2014, Tainan, Taiwan)

Time Presentations
0845-0850Workshop Opening (Workshop Co-chairs)
Session I
0850-0915 Norihito Yasuda, Masaaki Nishino, and Shin-ichi Minato, "On the Size of the Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram that Represents All the Subtrees in a Tree"
0915-0940 Andreas Poyias and Rajeev Raman, "Compact Tree Representations for Frequent Itemset Mining"
0940-1010Coffee Break
Session II
1010-1035 Yusaku Kaneta, "Broadword Implementation of Excess Search for Parenthesis Queries"
1035-1100 Hiroshi Aoki, Takahisa Toda, Shin-ichi Minato, "Three-way Indexing ZDDs for Large-scale Sparse Datasets"
1100-1110Short Break
Invited Talk
1110-1200 (Invited Talk) James Bailey, "Matching problems for uncertain sequences: Algorithms and Applications"
Session III
1315-1340Imran Khan, Joshua Z. Huang, Thanh-Tung Nguyen, "Ensemble Clustering of High Dimensional Data With FastMap Projection"
1340-1405Shogo Takeuchi, Takahisa Toda, Shin-ichi Minato, "A General Framework for Parallel Unary Operations on ZDDs"
1405-1430 Madori Ikeda and Akihiro Yamamoto, "Local Feature Selection by Formal Concept Analysis for Multi-class Classification"
1430-1500 Coffee Break
Session IV
1500-1525 Yuma Inoue, Takahisa Toda, and Shin-ichi Minato, "Generating Permutations under Pattern Occurrence Constraints Using PiDDs"
1525-1625 (Tutorial) Rajeev Raman, "Tutorial Talk: Succinct Data Structures for Data Mining"
1625-1635Closing (Workshop Co-chairs)