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She is a "Yuru-chara" of Minato Discrete Structure Manipulation System Project.
"Yuru-chara" means a loosely and a blandly mascot.
The shape of her face shows the structure of the research area in the project and her yellow mole shows the research area of each researcher. Coco in English also means here.

That is, Coco-chan is the tool on which the researchers can show their research area.
We wish that researchers easily get a quick overview of other research areas.


And, we hope Coco-chan is loved by everyone.


Coco download

Coco-chan Colorful Coco-chan Coco-chan no mole
Coco-chan Colorful Coco-chan Coco-chan no mole

Researchers who belong to Minato project is avaliable to download Coco chan.