The computer has been used for a variety of information processing like optimization/analysis of the industrial process, marketing, and the bioinformatics, etc. For processing the large-scale data that are recently being increased explosively, the importance of not only speeding up of the calculation hardware but also "Algorithm technology", which enable the mathematical condensation and efficient processing of the huge amount of discrete-structured data ( represented data of the logical process that the computer does), has been risen. In this project, we will deal with two techniques; BDD (Binary Decision Diagram) for manipulating the Boolean functions, and ZDD (Zero-Suppressed BDD: the novel improvement of BDD) for manipulating sets of sparse combinations. We will organize an integrated method of algebraic operations for various types of discrete structures and construct the standard techniques for efficiently processing the large-scale practical problems in various fields, including the system verification/optimization, knowledge discovery, statistical analysis, etc. We will also provide the implementation techniques of our system to both domestic and international researchers as well as to the industrial circles in the utilizable format.

Shi-ichi Minato, "Recent and Future Work on Decision Diagrams and Discrete Structure Manipulation", July 2, 2010