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Past Seminars

DateJune 5, 2017 (Monday)
SpeakerAndrea Marino 
ProfileAssistant Professor at University of Pisa
TitleEnumeration Algorithms: Introduction and Techniques 
The development of algorithms for enumerating all possible solutions
of a specific combinatorial problem has a long history: already in the
1960s the problem of enumerating some specific graph-theoretic structures
(such shortest paths and cycles) has been attacked. This new interest
towards graph enumeration comes from the analysis of biological (and, more
in general, of complex) networks. The main goal of this talk is revising
the basics of graph enumeration, summarising the efficiency measures and
the main current available algorithm design techniques.
SpeakerRoberto Grossi 
ProfileProfessor of Algorithms and Data Structures at the University of Pisa
TitleNetwork Analytics via Pattern Discovery 
Social, biological and communication networks of data with a strong linked
nature can be modeled and analyzed as labeled graphs. We describe some new
algorithms for pattern discovery in graphs that can be useful for network
analytics, focussing on clique enumeration and its applications.

Joint work with A. Conte, A. Marino, L. Tattini, and L. Versari