Publishing dayTitleDetail
March 26, 2020プロジェクト終了記念ミーティングDetail
February 21, 2020SSSW2020.03開催のお知らせDetail
February 18, 2020プロジェクト終了記念ミーティングのお知らせDetail
January 6, 2020合同セミナ集会(SSSW2020.01@Sapporo)Detail
November 22, 2019SSSW2019.12開催のお知らせ Detail
October 1, 20192019年度 秋のワークショップのお知らせDetail
September 9, 2019SSSW2019.09開催のお知らせDetail
September 2, 2019着任のお知らせDetail
July 22, 2019SSSW2019.08開催のお知らせDetail
May 21, 2019Call for partition for 2019 Summer WorkshopDetail
May 10, 2019SSSW2019.05開催のお知らせDetail
March 7, 2019SSSW2019.03開催のお知らせDetail
February 14, 2019合同セミナ集会(SSSW2019.02@Kyoto)Detail
January 7, 2019SSSW2019.01開催のお知らせDetail
October 23, 2018Call for Partition: 2018 Autumn WorkshopDetail
October 19, 2018SSSW2018.10開催のお知らせDetail
September 27, 2018「北大・京大 研究交流会」開催のお知らせDetail
September 27, 2018SSSW2018.9A-R (09A再開催)のお知らせDetail
September 18, 2018SSSW_09B 開催のお知らせDetail
September 11, 2018基盤(S)セミナー中止のお知らせDetail
September 11, 2018Webサイト復旧Detail
September 11, 2018SSSW_09A途中中止Detail
September 5, 2018Hokkaido-U and Kyoto-U Joint Seminar Call for PartitionDetail
August 20, 2018SSSW2018.09A Call for PartitionDetail
June 26, 2018SSSW2018.07 Call for ParticipationDetail
June 18, 2018SSSW2018.06 Call for ParticipationDetail
May 28, 2018SSSW2018.05 Call for ParticipationDetail
April 17, 2018Our project leader, Prof. Minato, has moved to Kyoto University.Detail
January 31, 2018Our project will organize a special session at JSAI-2018Detail
January 15, 2018Our result on online learning with ZDDs is accepted to AISTATS-2018.Detail
November 15, 2017Our two papers have been accepted to AAAI-2018.Detail
September 7, 2017Thank you for your registration for "Autumn Symposium".Detail
August 8, 2017Received the Best Paper Award of PECCS/PEC 2017Detail
August 7, 2017Received the JSAI Incentive Award 2016Detail
June 21, 2017Our result on statistical emerging pattern mining has been accepted to KDD-2017Detail
May 2, 20171.9million views times over Detail
January 17, 2017Received the Best Paper Award of UBICOMM 2016Detail
December 20, 2016Our result on exact influence spread computation has been accepted to WWW-2017.Detail
September 2, 2016 Our result on prefecture-block enumeration has been press-released.Detail
July 25, 2016Our animation movie becomes a regular exhibition in Hokkaido University MuseumDetail
January 13, 2016Document folders featuring "Combinatorial Explosion!” is now on sale.Detail
December 2, 2015Our LINE stickers of "Combinatorial Explosion!" is featured in the JST news.Detail
November 20, 2015 Detail
November 14, 2015Exhibition at "Science Agora" in MIRAIKANDetail
October 10, 2015Publication of our LINE stickerDetail
July 23, 2015A part of our movie will be used in NHK TVDetail
April 16, 2015A workshop on celebrating a new bookDetail
April 4, 2015Our new book on graph enumeration algorithms will be available on Apr. 8.Detail
March 20, 2015The video files of ERATO concluding symposiumDetail
March 16, 2015ERATO team won the highest award in Data Analysis CompetitionDetail
February 3, 2015Invited talk at JSAI 2015Detail
February 3, 2015Our project book will be releasedDetail
January 28, 2015Joint Workshop with Kawarabayashi Project and Concluding Symposium of ERATO MinaDetail
December 15, 2014ERATO-ALSIP Special Seminar 2014Detail
November 27, 2014Press Conference at Science Aagora 2014 Detail
October 23, 2014Exhibition at Science Agora 2014Detail
October 1, 2014FY2014 JST CREST ProjectDetail
September 3, 2014Award for excellence in Algorithm Design ContestDetail
April 11, 2014The Art of 1064 - Understanding Vastness - in Sapporo Science CenterDetail
January 31, 2014HP Technical White Paper about enumerating the number of paths on grid graphs.Detail
October 21, 2013Survey Paper on Recent Topics on Path Enumeration appears in IPSJ JournalDetail
October 21, 2013ekillion releasedDetail
October 2, 2013Dr. Tabei moved to JST-PRESTO projectDetail
September 19, 2013Fundamentals Review Best Author AwardDetail
September 11, 2013PyCon APAC 2013Detail
September 5, 2013Forum on Information Technology 2013, Special Event ProgramDetail
July 25, 2013News Release : New statistical methodoloty for science innovationDetail
July 18, 2013Upcoming Seminar Conjunction with CSPSAT2 ProjectDetail
June 24, 2013The Art of 1064 - Understanding Vastness - in Hokkaido Univ. MuseumDetail
June 19, 2013'Graphillion' package releasedDetail
June 10, 2013FY 2013, ERATO Summer WorkshopDetail
May 21, 2013The Art of 1064 - Understanding Vastness - in HokudaiDetail
May 15, 2013Prof. Minato will give a keynote speech at NII Open House 2013Detail
April 30, 2013World new record for counting paths on gridDetail
April 30, 2013International Workshop ISMVL2013/RM2013Detail
February 13, 2013Extension of the exhibition term at MiraikanDetail
January 9, 2013Talk event at MiraikanDetail
September 24, 2012World new record for counting paths on grid Detail
September 14, 2012Support page for Miraikan exhibitionDetail
September 11, 2012Art of 1064 -Understanding Vastness-Detail
August 29, 2012ERATO Minato Project 2012 Symposium has been successfully finishedDetail
August 29, 2012Counterexamples to the long-standing conjecture on the complexity of BDD Detail
July 18, 2012ERATO Minato Project 2012 SymposiumDetail
July 12, 2012Net Journal on Hokkaido Univ. Web SiteDetail
June 23, 2012FY 2012, ERATO Summer Workshop(Finished)Detail
May 16, 2012JST News (May, 2012) publishedDetail
April 6, 2012Tokyo Satellite Lab was moved.Detail
April 5, 2012NewcomersDetail
March 9, 2012IEICE Technical Committee on Information Network, Research AwardDetail
February 27, 2012Press release for the application of ZDD to smart grid.Detail
February 26, 2012Weather forecast in Sapporo Detail
February 26, 20123rd symposium of the ERATO Minato Discrete Structure Manipulation System ProjectDetail
December 2, 2011Special courses will begin.Detail
August 19, 2011ERATO Seminar WeekDetail
August 17, 2011Hokkaido Marathon 2011Detail
July 13, 2011Beer garden in HokudaiDetail
July 13, 2011Obon vacationDetail
May 1, 2011English is not availableDetail
April 11, 2011NewcomersDetail
March 24, 2011MovingDetail
March 11, 2011Great EarthquakeDetail